EMG SuperApp

Our E-commerce Telecom platform enables payment, peer-to-peer money transfer using its own crypto currency, EMG Coin full utilisation. Disruptive smart contract technology within the Telecom industry using Polygon blockchain.

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Instant messaging
Video Calling
Mobile E-Commerce
Wallet  & Mobile Money Transfer
Cross messaging

First E-commerce telecom platform using Polygon blockchain technology


EMG will be used for all customer orders, payment transactions and new customer contract authentication. Thus reducing the need for consumption of paper (printing of customer paper contracts) and increase operations efficiency by elimination of customer order/invoice duplications & fraud.

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EMG SuperApp Roadmap

Q1 - 2022
Instant Messaging & Video Calling
Order Management - CRM
Enterprise Product Catalogue
Q2 - 2022
NFT Market Place
Smart City
Q3/Q4 - 2022
Money transfer
Q1 - 2023

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