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Telecom Customers

Wide range of successful deliveries ranging from MVNO´s to Tier 1 Telecom operators proves our expertise and professional standard with each E2E delivery.
We provide the highest quality solutions at the very peak of industry standards.

Customers In Other Sectors

At Emeldi, we like to shake things up in other industries as well.
Therefore, our expertise is continuously extended through various projects in banking, insurance and public sector.

Customer Consulting

Over the course of 20+ years, we have gathered the necessary knowledge and understanding to help companies fulfill their vision and deliver the best possible services to customers.

Case Studies

Read our case studies to learn how we’ve helped clients
O2 Czech Republic Case Study

Simple Online Company:

  • Transformation from CRM centric solution formerly based on Siebel CRM
  • Purely digital commerce Omni-channel solution based on digital commerce centric architecture
  • All-channel support and fully integrated CRM in one application

O2 Czech Republic chose to collaborate with Emeldi, an established and trusted partner, to deliver a configuration of the Emeldi Commerce® platform to meet these objectives

Digital Commerce

O2 to replace Oracle ATG (“square peg in application round hole”) with Emeldi Commerce® as its Digital Commerce Platform


O2 to replace Oracle Siebel with Emeldi Commerce® which will be utilized as a core application for replacement of CRM

  • Enable easier and quicker introduction of new products and services
  • Create a digital commerce platform which enables rich sales continuity of the CX across all channels
  • Achieve large TCO reductions by rationalising and simplifying the systems architecture, business processes and customer interactions
  • Introducing all-channel support in one application, enabling the retirement of the Siebel CRM legacy
  • Provide full support for MVNOs hosted on O2’s infrastructure

Transformation of IT into an “enabler” and supportive force for business through increased flexibly and service offerings Reduction in “Time-to-market”

Significant cost reduction through application consolidation and decommissioning

Emeldi Commerce® covers following areas of Simple Online Company:

  • CRM
  • Order Management
  • Product Catalogue
  • CPQ/ Product Pricing Business Rules
  • Content Management
  • Digital Commerce
  • Integration Framework
  • Call Centre Customer Service Channel
  • Online Self Service Channel

The solution provides extensive support for MVNOs hosted on O2 infrastructure

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T-Mobile Case Study
  • Achieve fundamental improvements to customer experience
  • Unify customer profiles & services across all channels
  • Avoid sales cannibalization between channels
  • Realize substantial TCO savings
  • Increase % of online B2C leads & sate
  • Create mechanism for attributing sales credit to appropriate sales channel
  • Provide ability to capture leads which would otherwise be lost
  • Increase # of eCARE transactions online vs. call center
  • Migrate all forms of customer communication to electronic media
  • Consolidate channel silos thus significantly reducing OPEX cost of online landscape
  • Establish a fully Omni-channel Model Delivery

Emeldi Commerce evaluated as better fit for T-Mobile over Oracle ATG (DT Group Standard) meeting 100% of stated requirements delivered within the target business case

Utilize Emeldi Commerce® Omni-Channel solution in order to make the transformation journey shorter and more economical

Provide an Omni-channel solution rationalising all touch points and providing channels for corporate site eSALES and eCARE

  • Decommissioning of multiple disjoint touch-points (silos)
  • Customer experience improvement, cost reductions, and product launch process streamlining
  • Fully unified user-engagement platform focused on CX: corporate site, eSALES and CARE
  • New products, bundles and offers are rapidly introduced via configuration by business administrators
  • More flexibility and reduced costs in platform maintenance and evolution
  • Financial project return 1€ invested generates 15€ DCF over five year period, plus significant TCO reduction
  • Operational Productivity: Saving 80+ FTE over five year period
  • Customer experience: 25% fewer pages browsed when ordering, resulting in an average saving of 40 seconds per order
  • Product Management: Consistent reduction in time to launch new products, bundles and offers – reduced by 50%

T-mobile case study

Tesco Mobile Case Study

Tesco Mobile, Czech Republic was launched as a joint venture between Telefónica Czech Republic and Tesco stores to follow in the footsteps of other successful Tesco based virtual operators in the United Kingdom, Hungary, Slovakia, South Korea and Ireland.
Following the successful implementation, between Emeldi and Telefónica Czech Republic, of the MVNO OSS & BSS readiness project, and subsequently the first MVNO operator within Czech Republic – BLESKmobil, Emeldi and Telefónica Czech Republic decided to continue their joint cooperation and introduce Tesco Mobile into the list of MVNO operators under the Telefónica network.


The Emeldi Commerce® – Enterprise Portal Suite – a comprehensive, full-fledged enterprise e-commerce solution ideal for tier-1 telecom, banking, and utilities enterprise service providers, was again chosen as Telefónica’s preferred product capable of meeting its online channels domain and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements.

ČEZ Mobile Case Study

The ČEZ Group emerged from its traditional business of providing electricity and entered the growing MVNO market in the Czech Republic with its new ČEZ Mobil service.
Following the successful implementation of the MVNO OSS & BSS readiness project and, subsequently, the first major MVNO operators within the Czech Republic – BLESKmobil and Tesco Mobile, Emeldi and Telefónica Czech Republic continue their joint cooperation and proudly add ČEZ Mobil to the list of MVNO operators under the Telefonica network.


The Emeldi Commerce® – a comprehensive, fully-fledged enterprise e-commerce solution ideal for tier-1 telecom, banking, and utilities enterprise service providers, capable of meeting online channel domain and customer relationship management (CRM) requirements, was again chosen as Telefonica’s preferred product.