The World's first Web3 Telco SuperApp, built on Blockchain

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EMG makes life simpler and easier. Take control of your life with just the palm of your hand. Introducing the first web3 telecommunication superapp for all commerce and life interactions.

What our client says
Emeldi's delivery of the B2B project was accomplished by a highly qualified and responsible team using a professional approach.

- Roland Blazo - Director of ICT department
I would like to confirm that Emeldi staff have played a key role in BPP's successful deployment of its strategic online-learning and collaboration platform.

- James Salmon - CIO
“It’s the heart of our CRM,” says Hruska. “Emeldi is a key partner that we picked because of their flexibility. We are able to influence the product and get any solution we need.

- Jan Hruska - CTO
The Emeldi application continues to play a vital part of our organisation's online presence, and Emeldi continues to be a strategic partner.

- Branislav Bezak - Senior Manager
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EMG launches the world’s first Web3 telco super app, built on blockchain


The Emeldi family of associated private companies (in UK, Czech Republic, Canada & Slovakia), has been built over 20+ years. It has a successful reputation in the Telecoms Sector with Communications Services Providers (CSPs) providing for their evolving needs for enterprise software in the BSS (Business Support Systems) segment.

Emeldi Commerce® platform being used by 50 million customers worldwide.


corporate customers served


years of experience


customers worldwide
We are proud of our global customers and partners
BTS Ventures
canadian tire
GE capital
Deutsche Telekom
tesco mobile
post media

Our objective is to launch in phases during 2022 with new offerings that leverage, and integrate with, our legacy software portfolio, taking advantage of our core capabilities in E-commerce and related enterprise software and architectures.



The intent is to attain rapidly a critical mass in customer acquisition; then reinforce this initial progress by deploying a variety of commercially attractive “add-ons” and community-building attributes that will drive growth through positive network externality effects and incremental user utility gains.

Launch Phase Scope

New Software Products & Services

Explore our extensive portfolio of products and services, all available now and continuously updated with new features and improvements.

Decentralized Web3 EMG SuperApp

Introducing the ultimate web3 crypto super app, designed to revolutionise the way you interact with the world of digital assets. With a wide range of features, our app has something for everyone.

With our app, you can stay connected with loved ones, shop for the latest products, and easily transfer money all from the same place. Say goodbye to multiple apps and hello to convenience with the EMG SuperApp.
Encrypted Chat & Video Calling
Car/Taxi App
Multiple Apps
Mobile Money EMG Pay

Next-generation integrated omni-channel digital Emeldi Commerce® platform

Emeldi Commerce® enables Telco Operators to address some of the key challenges in Telecom’ Digital transformation and effectively close the gap between all sales channels, providing a consistent and continuous experience to end-consumers and users across all lifecycles and touch points.

The Emeldi Commerce®  6.3 is the foundation and framework that the EMG Super App has been built on.
Dashboard 360° view
Microservices Architecture
Built for Agile
Cloud Native Architecture

Unlock Premium Benefits with EMG Coin on EMG SuperApp

The EMG Coin is a utility token for use within the EMG SuperApp. It allows holders to access premium features and services, and gain additional benefits within the ecosystem.

The tokens can also be used as an incentivization mechanism to encourage users to engage with the platform. As a utility token, holders can expect to gain additional benefits within the SuperApp ecosystem.
Low fees
Fast transactions

Unique NFT marketplace for recognized artists

EMG NFT Marketplace is a world first for renowned contemporary artists. The aim is that it will be a leader for the sale of digital contemporary artwork and also provide unique forum for debate and discussion on themes close to the hearts of artwork enthusiasts.

Our first artists that are on our NFT Marketplace are following: Jamie Robinson, Keith Sargent and Lindsay Seers.

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The Emeldi family of associated companies(in UK, Czech republic, Canada, Slovakia) has a successful reputation in the Telecoms Sectors with CSPs, providing for their evolving needs for enterprise software in the BSS (Business Support Systems) segment, notably E-commerce.
There is an increasing demand for E-commerce platform capabilities; for example, to support Internet-of-Things (IoT) business (e.g. Smart Cities) and related services associated with 5G.

Emeldi's existing firms are leveraging their enterprise software assets and in-depth knowledge of CSPs' operations, to service these opportunities into the future.

Emeldi Group has over 200 employees. Most of them are experienced IT professional developers. They will be responsible for the software design, development, and testing of all the functional and non-functional features of our newly progressing EMG portfolio of innovative and engaging software products and services.


Meet our team

Mark Bystriansky
Mark Bystriansky
Founder & Group CEO

Mark steers the Emeldi Group of Companies, including Emeldi Canada and UK, with strategic direction and product innovation. He has over 20 years experience within the Telecommunications industry.

Dusan Bystriansky
Dusan Bystriansky

Dusan steers the company’s strategic directions and operations as one of the founders serving with the company since its inception in 1998. He brings to the company over 30 years of IT Telecommunications experience in leading enterprise consulting projects in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and continental Europe.

Igor Zavadovsky
Igor Zavadovsky

Igor is an experienced business officer with a strong background in marketing and a desire to continuously learn and improve his skills. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency industry since 2015 and has expertise in business marketing, brand management, and media marketing.

Pavel Chlad
Pavel Chlad
Chief Product Architect

Pavel has over 20 years experience with programming in Java, C#, PHP, TypeScript, Angular, React. He has a lot of experience with frontend components application design, mostly in telecommunication and banking sector.

Jan Benes
Jan Benes
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Jan is a Country Manager for Emeldi Software Services in Slovakia. Jan is responsible for managing all operations within the country, creation and execution of business, staff management and client relationship. Jan has over 14 years experience in many Telco and IT projects in Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Jiri Dolezel
Jiri Dolezel
Chief EMG Software Architect

Jiri is an enthusiastic software developer with many years hands-on experience in designing and developing e-commerce and CRM applications.

Igor Milenkovic
Igor Milenkovic
Head of Design and UX

Igor is the designer of the user experience and user interface on EMG’s E-Commerce platform. He possesses in-depth knowledge as a front-end developer.

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Blog articles

What makes Emeldi Commerce such a perfect platform to build on and launch the Super App?

Because we have Telco specific E-commerce, E-care and CRM that is needed for the Telco specific Super App "50%" of Super App functionality we already have.

What will the Super App customers benefit from EMG SuperApp?

What is the "disruptive" concept we are planning for using EMG coin for the Super App Telco customers (buy data at a discount, get rewards for purchases using EMG Coin, have only one app :use less data" for messaging eshop, music streaming, video games, etc.

Why should customers use your EMG NFT Marketplace?

It will provide the artworld with the first recognized contemporary artist focused NFT platform. With emphasis on recognized artists content, virtual art shows, gallery exhibitions. Also our unique NFTs will be digital with physical artwork included so the buyer will also get a physical copy of the artwork.